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News # 5


Today (07.20) from 20:00 to 21:00 Moscow time, there may be server failures, (I ask everyone to be in place at this time)
in connection with the release of a mini update.
What changes should be expected I will list below:
1) New types of stones will be added
- Crystal of Excellent
- Crystal of Ancient
- Crystal of Option
- Crystal of Skill
- Crystal of Luck
some of these gems can be purchased from the Wcoin P store.
2) rebalanced the characteristics of Monsters of several cards
- Bless Arena
- Arena
- Land of Trial
- Karutan 1,2
- Kanturu
3)rebalanced GOLD Bosses
- Golden Budge Dragon
- Golden Titan
- Golden Soldier
- Golden Goblin
- Golden Dragon
- Golden Lizard King
- Golden Vepar
- Golden Tantalos
- Golden Wheel
- Silver Element
- Gold Element
all of the above characteristics of the Monsters were somewhere up, somewhere cut.
Thank you for your attention, enjoy the game.

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