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News # 2

Hello Dear players of our Server.
I want to tell you a few news.
1) A more reliable Anti-cheat will be installed today, so it will be possible to reboot the server,
I can't say the exact time, since it doesn't depend on me.
2) technical work on hosting "I quote"
**** host expresses its respect to you and hereby informs that in the period from 17.07.2021 22:00:00 to 18.07.2021 06:00:00 (Moscow time), scheduled work will be carried out in connection with the modernization of the main hub, what may entail interruptions in the operation of communication services, each of which can be up to 20 minutes in the specified time interval.
We apologize for any inconvenience in your work.
3)Auctions will be held every Saturday and Sunday.
4) List of available Donat after the siege:
* sets with 3 options to choose from, sharpening +9.
- Leather Set (800 Wcoin)
- Scale Set (900 Wcoin)
- Brass Set (1000 Wcoin)
- Bronze Set (11000 Wcoin)
- Plate Set (1500 Wcoin)
- Dragon Set ( 2000 Wcoin)
- Pad Set (800 Wcoin)
- Bone Set (1000 Wcoin)
- Sphinx Set (1500 Wcoin)
- Legendary Set (2000 Wcoin)
- Vine Set (800 Wcoin)
- Silk Set (900 Wcoin)
- Wind Set (1000 Wcoin)
- Spirit Set (1500 Wcoin)
- Guardian Set (2000 Wcoin)
- Light Plate Set (2000 Wcoin)
* 2 Wings +9 +Fo (2000 Wcoin)
By purchasing one of the Dragon, Legendary, Guardian, Light Plate sets, you get a set of jewelry, with 1 option to choose from, as a Gift
There is also an opportunity to pre-order any of the sets, and get a 10% Wcoin Bonus, depending on the donation amount.
Thank you for your attention, I wish you a nice day and a pleasant game.

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